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Feb 22, 2017

NASDAQ Bell Ringer, and former tax business owner, JR Rivas shares how he went from not knowing anything about Facebook Ads to growing his business...without a website! At the age of 22, he's been moving the needle through ClickFunnels, Facebook Ads, and Digital Marketing. JR further answers:

  1. How did you begin to choose ClickFunnels and advertising in general as a business growth mechanism?
  2. What mistakes do you often see when business owners are attempting Leadpages or ClickFunnels for the first time?
  3. Are their strategies to integrate Youtube subscriptions, fFcebook ads, and/or other social media initiative along with ClickFunnels, all together, to help promote a product/service?
  4. Do you have a case study that you'd like to share where you went from 0 to something realistic in terms of number of sign ups, or actual dollar sales that exceeded your expectations?
  5. What business growth initiatives do you help your clients with in terms of advertising and/or ClickFunnels?
  6. Are their any other tools/processes/methodologies, outside of the one's we've discussed, that you use to help you run your business that you'd like to share with the Enthead listeners?
  7. What business growth lessons learned would you like to share with the Enthead listeners that we've missed?

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