EntHead: Crypto Currency Trends and Insights| For Investors, Traders, and Fanatics| To Make Financial Decisions in Search of Portfolio Growth

• 30 Minute Weekly Show, by Dr. Matthew D. Gonzalez (www.Enthead.Club) and Rafael Santos (, who are both Crypto Currency Fanatics, Block Chain Enthusiasts, and Financial Investors and Traders. • Being an Enthead (someone who has an entrepreneurial mindset), and Crypto Currency Altcoin trader and investor, is about doing the research to build your skills, knowledge, and understanding in the crypto currency and blockchain space. • Dr. G. and Rafael have a combined 30 years of experience in the financial and technological industries helping to bridge the blockchain and crypto currency ecosystems. • Their viewpoints provide tools, tactics, analysis, trends, and events to help our club of listeners make financial decisions in search of portfolio growth.
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EntHead: Crypto Currency Trends and Insights| For Investors, Traders, and Fanatics| To Make Financial Decisions in Search of Portfolio Growth




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Sep 30, 2016

Chief Enthead, Matthew D. Gonzalez, reviews growing internationally and the lessons learned that entrepreneurs can perform, to include:

  • Knowing the culture and building relationships and relying upon cultural knowledge
  • Customizing products/services/marketing to a different culture
  • Expectations from the customer, then work the product/service backwards
  • Logistic knowledge (mail, shipping, payments, taxes, etc.)
  • Operational changes
  • Marketing to include search engine optimization



Sep 29, 2016

In Enthead's first face to face podcast interview, niching down in a recession includes:

  • How one strategizes in the pet industry in a niched environment
  • Listening to clients, solve a problem, and ABC (always be closing)
  • Growth resources to review in a niched environment
  • Listening and paying attention to competitors to grow
  • Marketing in a niched business
Sep 28, 2016

Enthead interviews professional and experienced blogger Julie Neidlinger to discuss:

What strategies entrepreneurs and business owners should know before starting

  • Trends in blogging with proficiency
  • Monetizing success rates from blogging
  • Creating, building, and growing traffic
  • Rules of thumb regarding blogging
  • Tools and techniques Julie uses to blog!



Sep 27, 2016

In this first, Dr. Matthew D. Gonzalez (Chief Enthead) discusses the purpose of Enthead along with his business experiences, to include:

  • The internal drive of an entrepreneur
  • How a for profit can move into non profit endeavors
  • Solving a social problem
  • Accounting and Legal discussions
  • Tools and Techniques using Fiverr
  • National Diversity Council
  • Worst habits and best successes!
Sep 26, 2016

In the working world of running a business requires building a training plan for yourself and your business, to include:

  • Formal vs. informal education
  • Continual self training
  • Networking, social gathering, and look for speakers
  • Fulfill gaps that you're unaware of in terms of your own knowledge
  • Learn something new that you feel is innovative and worth your time!
Sep 23, 2016

Getting on a preferred list is one step, but the next and ultimate step is to get the prospective customer to:

  • Contact You
  • Buy into You
  • Assess your products/services
  • Differentiate yourself through proper portrayal
  • Align your company with those who most likely will utilize your organization


Sep 22, 2016

New products and services are the lifeblood of every organization. We unveil:

  • The AIDA model
  • What can be done to appeal to existing and new consumers
  • Fulfill the gap between research and what the market desires
  • Create Desire vs. creation of an actual sales funnel
  • Tools that your buyers want to decide upon product/service offerings
Sep 21, 2016

The 'tween' stage from a problem to measuring it are the categories that you decide can be measured. A discussion on the following examples include:

  • Qualitative vs. quantitative metrics to decide if a product/service worked
  • Perform Surveys vs. questionnaires
  • Assess Likes vs. Dislikes
  • Adjust the product/service based on satisfaction levels


Sep 20, 2016

Lauren Gaggioli unveils the Sexy vs. Unsexy Side of Entrepreneurialism to include:

  • How she serves and targets families as one buyer
  • Migrating a business entirely from face-to-face to online
  • Building systems/processes to help replicate and build your business
  • Continuing to use the unsexy side of past experiences to create sexy sides of business!
Sep 20, 2016

Social entrepreneur and veteran Podcaster Nathan Webster tackles the tough questions regarding running a business with a cause. In this interview, Nathan unveils:

  • Social Good to provide a community service
  • International impact
  • Long term planning with deeper roots
  • Planning a social arm of an organization
  • Best practices to remain Sustainable
  • Relationships are everything
  • Go for who you know, like, and trust!




Sep 16, 2016

Pro Podcaster and financial analyst Joshua Sheets discusses:

  • Growing pain concepts in terms of establishing technical financial practices
  • Creating and choosing a framework based on which financial framework is best for business owners
  • Building finances through tools and techniques based on the business context
  • Growing a legacy vs. lifestyle business
  • 3 financial lessons learned for entrepreneurs!



Sep 15, 2016

Digital Marketing Coach, Lara Wellman, discusses her big message to include:

  • Know what your goals are regarding online digital marketing
  • Creating specific goals from more eyes to know you exist to geographic positioning
  • Purposeful concept creation as a strategy
  • Creative value techniques through social media
  • Social media scheduling to include Buffer and Hootsuite tools
  • Impactful ways to drive revenue through relationship building
Sep 14, 2016

Clay helps the 20% of businesses to grow, and the other 80% learn to grow like the 20%. Clay discusses:

  • Why he focuses on including spirituality into business
  • Encourages bringing your soul into the work environment
  • The results of his study of the human mind in terms of criticality of journaling and closing the deal
  • The feeling of individual performance and how they think (to include customers and employees)
Sep 13, 2016

Australian business broker, Michael Kerr, discusses his perspectives of entrepreneurship growth from the buying/selling perspective, to include:

  • Increasing the value of your business to include clear ideas of products/services
  • Developing a business that either runs under management vs. owner run (more typical)
  • Planning techniques before launching products/services
  • Chat with multiple customers to gain economies of sales, before investing in what one customer wants
  • Running a business for the long term vs. running it to sell in the short term
  • Preparing for the sale of a business
Sep 13, 2016

Louis Efron shares his thoughts about the specifics of purposeful and individual variables that can align with careers and entrepreneurship, to include:

  • New Blood of products/service launches
  • Clarity of how purpose of your products/services meets execution goals of your organization
  • Make yourself transparent and help yourself, employees, and contractors understand why you exist and what your purpose must fulfill
  • Customer engagement variables to pull them in to get them involved in the organization
  • Network through tools/techniques recommended by Louis
  • Help others and the help may come back to you!


Sep 9, 2016

Learning how to be profitable means knowing how and why to conduct activity based costing. Knowing the cost means:

  • Feeding into the price of a product/service
  • Documenting the cost drivers
  • Determining overhead
  • Determining a final price
  • Ultimately, you're not free!!
Sep 8, 2016

Product distribution starts with trade shows, a little bit of science, and testing. Jacqui discusses:

  • The evolution of product development
  • Packing the product
  • Distribution through larger distributors
  • Revenue and Sales impact from negative impacts you'll hear when you first start to distribute
  • Tools and techniques through headspace
  • Start practically and reach out to those who'll help grow your business


Sep 7, 2016

Steve Pitchford, Marketing Strategist, provides search optimization strategies to include:

  • Planning recommended to conduct SEO
  • Consideration of audience diversity
  • Affordability of SEO
  • Differences between SEO and SEM
  • Tools and Techniques to conduct SEO
  • Trends in SEO
  • Lessons Learned regarding goals, nurturing relationships, and conversion to customers


Sep 6, 2016

Upon reviewing many interviews, we unveil the common items discussed by Mark Cuban that he's mentioned and contradicted himself regarding his 3 lessons learned as an entrepreneur, to include:

  1. Sales cures all
  2. Have an attitude of taking the 1st step to get things done
  3. You must know and get comfortable with technology


Sep 5, 2016

Based on academic research, Dr. Matthew D. Gonzalez, discusses his findings regarding what the parameters are around whether or not CEOs and business owners trust consultants. Results of the research concluded:

  • CEOs do trust consultants
  • CEOs do not feel consultants or advisors are always worth the value they propose
  • What questions should one be asking consultants/advisors
  • What consultants/advisors should do to show CEOs what value is necessary
Sep 2, 2016

Even the online business that doesn't need face to face marketing...still needs face to face marketing by:

  • Building a bench of suppliers
  • Approaching your customer
  • Understanding your radius of customers
  • Ask for other contacts through trust


Sep 1, 2016

Growing products/services outside of your initial target market in your territory means:

  • Developing a circle around your territory
  • Saturating your initial market
  • Assessing costs to serve in and outside of the territory
  • Performing activity based costing