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Jan 9, 2017

Veteran podcaster Ryan Rukosky, from Rukosky and Associates, makes us aware of issues surrounding Crowdfunding, Lending, and Financial Growth to includes:

  1. What we need to be wary of regarding online lending
  2. SBA funding desires and wants
  3. Rollover of Business Startup (ROBS)
  4. Timing of when to seek funding
  5. Partnering and mentoring toward financial growth
  6. Crowdfunding as a financing option
  7. Final lessons learned regarding funding/financing

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Jan 6, 2017

David James, from Business Growth Digital Marketing, provides digital marketing strategies to help businesses grow. Topics include:

  1. What growth strategies can an organization who desires to grow adopt in relation to social media?
  2. Is there a process you recommend to list building that eventually leads to sales?
  3. What trends do you see in digital marketing in the next 6 months?
  4. Are there any tools you use to run your business that you'd like to recommend to the Enthead listeners?
  5. Are there any final business lessons learned you'd like to share with the Enthead listeners?

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Jan 5, 2017


A question, posted on Quora, asks: How Do Entrepreneurs Deal With the Risk of Failure? Enthead takes a shot at answering the question by discussing:

  1. Negative correlation between entrepreneurship and and risk
  2.  Avoid Risk by planning (quantitatively and qualitatively)
  3.  Have a backup plan if the business doesn't work

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Jan 4, 2017

A question, posted on Quora, asks: What is the biggest problem that entrepreneurship itself is facing? Enthead takes a shot at answering the question by discussing:

  1. Quality of Content
  2.  Little Research
  3. Pricing Too High or Too Low
  4. Planning

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Jan 3, 2017


Ramon Beccera, Sales Associate, dives into the realm of pure sales. Spoken like an experienced and seasoned salesman, Ramon has experiences in multiple industries where he discusses:

  1. Going all in without a Plan B
  2. Sales methodologies
  3. Tools/techniques to improve sales
  4. Trusting the process of sales and not just the results
  5. Final lessons learned regarding taxes and financial management

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Jan 2, 2017


Elon Musk starts our new year off in our Luminary Lunes series featuring quite the visionary. We review Elon Musk's entrepreneurial traits, and most of all, his guiding question that has led him to his endeavor as CEO & CTO of SpaceX and Chief Product Architect at Tesla, Chairman of SolarCity, and CoFounder of PayPal.

What things would have the great impact on the future of humanity's destiny?

  1. Internet
  2. Renewable energy sources
  3. Space colonization

Entrepreneurial Traits to live by:

  1. Have a high pain threshold
  2. Great product/service to stand out above the competition to become the trusted brand
  3. Seek criticism (especially from friends and take the approach that you're wrong)

New Opportunities

  1. Electric Transportation
    -Boring Company
  2. Genetics
    -Solving Diseases
  3. Brain/Computer Interface
    -Neuron level with Intelligence Augmentation

Beyond the Horizon

  • Brain Internet, Upload your thoughts to the cloud
  • Idea is no one person or population would be behind the learning curve

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Dec 30, 2016

Devin Thorpe, social good journalist, author, and speaker unveils a new area of investing where your organization can make an impact for social good. Areas discussed include:

  1. Models to implement impact investing
  2. Organizations who are doing impact investing well
  3. Crowdfunding trends...where impact investing meets
  4. Tools/processes/procedures to run his business
  5. Final lessons learned for the Enthead listeners

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Dec 29, 2016


Christy Laverty, media strategist, discusses publicity and press related topics in terms of generating attention, to include:

  1. Variables to generate publicity
  2. What holds people back from generating press
  3. Best practices to generate press
  4. Trends within publicity in the next 6-12 months
  5. Final lessons learned for the Enthead listeners

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Dec 28, 2016

Tina Marie, serial entrepreneur, reviews her experiences with her clients and job related experiences regarding:

  1. Industry-wide workflows to grow
  2. Bookkeeping and tracking
  3. Digital methods to create profit in the next 12 months
  4. Tools/Processes to run her business
  5. Final lessons learned for the Enthead listeners

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Dec 27, 2016


Susan McVea, Sales Consultant, discusses and stresses market research as step one to help you identify what your clients need, however it's a step often over looked. Further areas of sales discussed include:

  1. Proven Sales Strategies
  2. Earning new clients within 30 days
  3. Patterns in sales within the next 12 months
  4. Turning around a poor performing product/service
  5. Tools/procedures used in running his business
  6. Final lessons learned for the Enthead listeners

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Dec 26, 2016


Ian, from Get On-Camera, discusses his hacking techniques and methodologies to reduce your fear of being on camera to help you promote your products/services to include:

  1. Positive business vibe on camera
  2. Techniques to reduce the fear of being judged when launching a product or service
  3. How often should one look at their measurements (e.g. daily/weekly)?
  4. Common successful traits on camera to create product videos
  5. Tools/procedures used in running his business
  6. Final lessons learned for the Enthead listeners

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Dec 23, 2016


Cinthia Pacheco, Digimorphs, discusses the use of Google Analytics, plus other tools to help measure marketing and website content. She goes on to answer the following questions:

  1. What should the entrepreneur/business owner know about what Google Analytics actually tracks?
  2. How can one start planning, and what should they prioritize, when they measure using Google Analytics?
  3. How often should one look at their measurements (e.g. daily/weekly)?
  4. How can one tie return on investment of their products/services using Google Analytics?
  5. Aside from Google Analytics, are they're any other tools/processes/procedures you use to run your business that would help listeners?
  6. Any final lessons learned you'd like to mention to our Enthead listeners?

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Dec 22, 2016

Enthead hits Episode #100!!!!

Ryan Rukosky, cohost for Enthead and VP of Rukosky & Associates, interviews Dr. Matthew D. Gonzalez about Enthead's new service called 'Doing Business With...', a weekly video featuring organizations who hire and partner with smaller to medium sized organizations to help them gain a competitive advantage.

Criteria for selecting an organization each week to feature via video is contingent upon the larger organization meeting one of three criteria:

  1. Capital or Diversity Fund to Support Entrepreneurs
  2. Innovation Lab
  3. Business Process Improvement efforts

These larger organizations, in turn, seek smaller organizations to partner with by assessing the smaller organizations:

  1. Cultural Values
  2. Trustworthiness
  3. Insurance limits
  4. Buying Power
  5. Responsibility
  6. Supportive Tasks
  7. Data to show partnership between the smaller/larger organization is continually beneficial

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Dec 21, 2016

Upon reviewing a Reddit post, I was inspired to discuss the Pros/Cons of earning an MBA in the face of becoming an entrepreneur. Without having an idea yet to start a business, I decided to continue with my schooling until I was ready with an idea to implement as an entrepreneur. However, if you have an idea and are considering pursuing an MBA, here are some pros/cons:


  • Learn more advanced financial theories/concepts
  • Scenario based analysis in business
  • Case study method
  • Time to gain leadership skills and experience


  • Funding the MBA
  • Opportunity cost of not pursuing your idea
  • Potential lack of leadership skills and experience
  • Time value of money

Bottom line, it is my belief that getting an MBA will help you become a better entrepreneur!

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Dec 20, 2016


With 1.4 Billion individuals within the Chinese marketplace, much of the environment has gone untapped. The western world's version of social media does not include Facebook or Twitter. Rather, the internet is highly regulated away from the western world of marketing.

These versions of social media will help you crack China's social media market:

  • WeChat: Messaging
  • Line (Tawain): Messaging
  • Youku: Video
  • Weibo,Social Media
  • QQ, Messaging

Facebook is strongly pushing the Chinese government to allow their social media become regulated in China!

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Dec 19, 2016


Jack Dorsey has been running two tech heavyweights: Twitter and Square. He didn’t complete college, and has the belief regarding ideas to “get it out of your head and start working on it”. His further belief is to start a company to to help solve problems in the world.

Jack learns from mistakes and he learns at the pace that he needed to learn
He professes that "I Never Wanted to Be an Entrepreneur". Rather, his beliefs are to:

  • Pick a movement, pick a revolution, and join it.
  • Pick something you believe in, that you want to make an impact in,
  • and then question everything inside those companies or movements."

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Dec 16, 2016

Millennials want to influence their society and are attracted toward authenticity. Roughly 1300 millennials were surveyed regarding how they learn to trust organizations they wish to conduct business. Results discussed include:

  • 43% of Millennials ranked a brand’s authenticity over a brand’s quality of content
  • 33% of Millennials rely mostly on blogs before they make a purchase decision
  • Millennials feel they have to trust your company first before they even consider becoming a buying customer
  • Persuading Millennials to follow through on a call to action is  easy once you have built a relationship

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Dec 15, 2016


Educators are "the programmers" of self-employment. Effective Techniques to help shape and mold your customers, through the products/services you offer, is to see yourself as an educator.

Techniques to 'program' and entrepreneur through mentoring, coaching, product, and service offerings include:

  1. Competitions (compete against themselves)
  2. Socratic method
  3. Test Debug through Feedback


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Dec 14, 2016

Using data on software start-ups from 1990 to 2002, researchers unveiled that collective sense-making in starting a company to pursue a trend can result in consensus behavior among entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Market search is a critical part of the entrepreneurial process, as entrepreneurs enter new markets to find high-growth areas.

When spectacular financing results in a collective overstatement of the attractiveness of a market, a consensus emerges that the market is rich, and the path is cleared for many entries, including those that do not have a clear fit.

When failures render a market unpopular, only the most viable entrants will overcome exaggerated skepticism and enter, taking the non-consensus route. Venture capitalists likewise exhibit herding behavior, following other VCs into hot markets. The consensus entrants are less viable, while non-consensus entrants are more likely to prosper.

Non-consensus entrepreneurs who follow, then unfollow the trends, are most likely to stay in the market, receive funding, and ultimately go public.

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Dec 13, 2016

This podcast focuses on a cross-sectional study among 277 Dutch entrepreneurs investigating how entrepreneurs’ job demands relate to their work-related
strain and work engagement, as well as their feelings of success.

Results of the study show that:

  1. Work-related strain is related to both less personal and less financial subjective business success.
  2. Work engagement is related to higher personal, but not financial subjective business success.
  3. As predicted by the JD-R Model, both high job demands and low job resources predicted work-related strain.
  4. In contrast to findings of other studies, high job demands are not related to low work engagement, only having low job resources did.

Entrepreneurs can achieve an important advantage over other entrepreneurs
if they can learn to deal effectively with job demands and work-related strain.

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Dec 12, 2016


Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Huffington Post developed the mantra of, 1) 'What's working', and 2) 'launch first and tinker later'. Her departure in August 2016 was in large part to her exhaustion and issues of management.

Thrive Global

Notable discussion points include:

2007 collapse at work from exhaustion
Serenity Prayer
RAND Corporation analysis of insufficient sleep costing:

  • The United States economy $411 billion a year,
  • $138 billion in Japan
  • $60 billion in Germany
  • Canada appears to have the most alert work: $21billion in losses

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Dec 9, 2016

A woman business owner’s gender identity which she possesses masculine and feminine traits, may influence the extent to which she sees herself as an entrepreneur. The study performed unveils:

  • Why high achieving women may stunt their career growth
  • Situations may increase the likelihood of feeling like an imposter
  • The less a woman feels like an entrepreneur, the less likely her business will grow

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Dec 8, 2016

Downside of Entrepreneurial Personality:

Miller, 2014, performed a study on personalities of entrepreneurs. The literature on entrepreneurship bears a distinctly positive cast, often with good reason.
Entrepreneurs and their innovations have contributed enormously to national wealth, and so scholars have examined the personalities, capabilities, and contexts underlying these contributions. However, despite some early work, the negative aspects of the entrepreneurial personality have been largely ignored.


We shall argue that given the nature of the challenges facing many entrepreneurs and the consequent demands of their jobs, certain personality traits will be quite valuable to them.

Positive Findings:

These, however, tend to be Janus-faced in that positive attributes, such as energy, self-confidence, need for achievement,  and independence, may sometimes lead to negative traits.

Negative Findings:

Demands of an entrepreneur devolve naturally into aggressiveness, narcissism, ruthlessness, and irresponsibility. Given the costly repercussions of the latter characteristics, we urge more study of their nature and causes among entrepreneurs.

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Dec 7, 2016

Case Study: University of Salford Manchester

Who is an Entrepreneur:
Entrepreneurs are creative and innovative, and make existing products and technologies obsolete in their pursuit for innovation (Schumpeter, 1934). Yet, there's the argument that the Hipster is a consumer not a producer of culture (Greif, 2010).


Consultation with creative entrepreneurs in Greater Manchester:

  • Interviews - 17 one-to-one guided interviews
  • Online survey - 37 respondents

Study Findings:

  1. Creative not restricted to one sector: PR/Marketing/IT/Arts & Crafts
    Traditional workforce demographics: 1/4th held a corporate job
  2. Occupy non-traditional business spaces: Communal work space (e.g. churches, incubators, etc.). Dont want to spend the money
  3. Manchester as an attractive place to set up a business: run down historic places are good.
  4. Not accessing mainstream financial support: 49% non traditional sources, mentors, Peer networks, kickstarter.
  5. Generators of new cultural opportunities: Engagements, involve people,

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Dec 6, 2016


Bailey Richert, Business Coach for Beginning + Budding Infopreneurs, discusses the benefits to hosting a Virtual Summit!, to include:

  • The concept of a virtual summit
  • Planning Methodology
  • Benefits to the host and affiliates
  • Tools to Host the Summit
  • Growth Numbers!!

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